Company Profile

Founded in Penghu Magong in 1998, Chiher provides elevator maintenance, repair, and service consultation for Penghu residents. We provide these services in accordance with our corporate values, "Delivering Exceptional Service with Integrity”.

In 2003, we started an intensive research and development program to design an elevator control system. Our first product was SCH-168, mainly used for passenger lifts. We started with local sales and then expanded to the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Subsequent growth took us to Dubai and Kuwait in the Middle East and then Nigeria in Africa.

In 2004, Chiher continued to develop a new generation SCH-568 home lift control system. And within two years, we developed a "Brake Failure Protection" system, and obtained a patent for this invention. It provides users with a safer riding experience.

Capitalizing on the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), in 2015, we started the development of our eKeeper Smart Elevator System. The system monitors the elevator operation status in real-time, and stores this information in a data center for analysis. This development improves the service and safety of the elevator to a new level.
We have since sold more than eight thousand units worldwide.

Our Goal

Over the past twenty years, our motto of "Delivering Exceptional Service with Integrity” has never changed. Priorities may change, but values do not. In order to allow all elevator users to have a safe and comfortable riding experience, we will continue to provide quality services, leveraging advanced technology. We also provide a customized control system best suited to the needs of our customers, further extending our services and technology to customers around the world.


In order to provide a safer and more comfortable ride experience, we continuously improve the system functions and provide the best quality service for our clients. Through our modernization services, we provide a new lease of life to old lift systems, regardless of the type of existing systems, brands, or models. This modernization service improves the reliability and safety of the older equipment.