eKeeper Smart Elevator System

Solving the problems before you even realize them.
Round-the-clock remote monitoring of elevator operations
Timely detection of anomalies improves management efficiency

Smart Elevator System

Conventional elevators suffer from long downtime and passenger entrapment periods. In times of elevator malfunction or passenger entrapment, the client is required to manually inform the elevator company before troubleshooting occurs. This reactive approach is inefficient.

Introducing the eKeeper, our smart elevator system incorporating state-of-the-art Information Technology and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), to bring you the most adaptive and comprehensive elevator maintenance services.

eKeeper automatically collects and records the elevators status round-the-clock, reporting anomalies to the central server. Using a classification of fault codes, our specialists can efficiently analyze the issue and provide the maintenance personnel with the cause of malfunction and detailed troubleshooting steps. This will hugely minimize downtime.

Management Office Notification System

Chyiher has developed the Management Office Notification System, allowing the Management Office real-time access to elevators status and information. Coupled with eKeeper, both client and the elevator manufacturers are in sync with the elevator status and information.