eKeeper Smart Elevator System

Solving the problems before you even realize them.
Round-the-clock remote monitoring of elevator operations
Timely detection of anomalies improves management efficiency

Smart Elevator System

Elevator, as a kind of vertical transportation, the parts will get worn out over time. In order to improve our service level and technical skills, the company is devoted to research and development of a smart elevator system incorporating IoT technology.

The wear and tear experienced by the parts and hence life span of the parts can be predicted. Our service center receives all elevator fault information, at the same time technicians receive notifications through mobile phone App. Preventive maintenance will improve the technician’s technical skills.

eKeeper consolidate data on elevator operating status through various network interfaces. It then analyzes the big data on usage pattern and wear and tear experienced by the parts. The system provides guidance to the technician on fault resolution and targeted maintenance, hence reducing the inconvenience to the users. Moreover, through the Cloud platform combine with the AI technology, the system analyzes the operating condition of each signal, and hence reduces the elevator downtime substantially.

Management Office Notification System

Chyiher has developed the Management Office Notification System, allowing the Management Office real-time access to elevators status and information. Coupled with eKeeper, both client and the elevator manufacturers are in sync with the elevator status and information.