European Union Certified Control System

Chyiher CH-256EN

The elevator control system is researched and developed by our company independently, it is certified to EN81-20/ 50 Standard
EN81-20/50 is currently one of the most stringent safety standards for elevators

EU Elevator Code EN81-20/50

From September 1, 2017, the European Union requires all new elevator equipment in EU countries to comply with the relevant regulations of EN81-20/50. The regulations specify various safety standards for mechanical system, control system, and structure of elevators. In addition, there are stringent requirements for processes such as construction, installation, and inspection.

In 2016, Chyiher Elevator was informed of the requirements of European Union regulations in the course of cooperation with an international elevator company. Thereafter, Mr. Chang Chi Chung, the general manager gains comprehensive understanding of the high standard of the code requirements. He sees the opportunity of taking the leadership role in adopting the standard, with the hope of enhancing the standards of the lift industry in Taiwan. He therefore engaged LIFTINSTITUUT from Netherlands to assist in attaining the certification.

After 13 months of continuous design and improvements, the European team visited Penghu twice to provide us with the guidance. We have redesigned the CPU Board, numerous hardware and software functions were added. In early 2018, we obtained two certifications, EN81-20 and EN81-50, becoming the first elevator company in Taiwan to obtain such certification.

Chyiher Elevator is constantly innovating and strives to be in line with international standards, so that consumers in Taiwan can also enjoy the world-class elevator services. Safety and reliability can also be assured. Chyiher will never stop providing passengers with safer, more comfortable, and more economical elevatoring services.

Certificate issued by LIFTINSITUUT

The safest elevator control system in compliance with EU regulations

With over 30 years of experience in the elevator industry, Chyiher has designed one of the best elevator control systems.

The advanced functions of the CH-256EN control system makes you feel comfortable and have peace of mind Passing the EU elevator safety certification at all costs is the testament to this

Strict requirements for safety EN81-20 / 50

EU Regulation: Door closed during operation

When the car door or landing door of the elevator is short-circuited, conventional elevator system is not able to detect it. The elevator may be operated with the door open, causing accidents.

EN81-20 / 50 requires that safety function to detect door short-circuit be provided. When the door is short-circuited, the elevator will not be able to run, eliminating the possibility of fatal accident.

EU regulations: Dual Motor Brake Protection Circuit

Conventional control system only uses a set of braking circuits to detect the braking function of the elevator. When the brake circuit is short-circuited, the elevator may lose its braking function and become out of control. In the EN81-20 / 50 regulations, the control system must be equipped with two sets of independent brake circuits and three sets of safety relays. The interlocking design during operation ensures that the elevator is stopped before the failure occurs. The failure rate can be reduced to one ten millionth.