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EN81-20/50 Elevator Safety Certification + eKeeper Smart Elevator Notification System

EN81-20/50 Elevator Safety Certification (link)

EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 were made effective for all lift installations in all European countries from 1st September 2017. These two European standards apply to the design and manufacture of the lift, at the same time governing the use of materials, structure, installation, and testing of lifts. With over one hundred clauses for testing and examination, the EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 are one of the foremost elevator standards in the world.

The CNS 15827-20 and CNS 15827-50, adapted from the EN standards, are the standards published by the Taiwan Government. Chiher attained EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 certification in early 2018, becoming the first elevator company certified in Taiwan. As a result, people are able to enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience.

The eKeeper Smart Elevator System

The eKeeper is a smart elevator system developed by Chiher, incorporating IoT technology. This system will collect elevator operating status around-the-clock, and keeps a detailed record for analysis.

eKeeper receives elevator fault information in real-time. It then proactively dispatches a lift specialist to clear the fault in the shortest possible time. This ensures every elevator trip will be safe and comfortable.

Through big data collected, eKeeper analyzes the operation and conditions of the wear and tear experienced by the parts. This enables the technician to carry out preventive and predictive maintenance and servicing. The life span of the components can be prolonged, and problems are fixed before an accident or service outage happens.

Safety is our top priority, with zero compromises

Chiher has always adhered to the premise of safety first. We have long been devoted to the research and development of various safety equipment and technologies, and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign cooperative manufacturers and customers.
At present, the customers we cooperate with are located in Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Kuwait, Dubai, and Nigeria.
We do everything we can to build on Taiwan and look globally for additional opportunities.


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Exclusive Technologies

Preventing Short Circuits of Buttons

The elevator buttons installed on each floor are constantly exposed to the surrounding environment. Moisture can form inside the electronics. Frequent usage also causes the button to age, and short circuits can develop. If this occurs, it can cause the circuit board to fail and even burn.

The board protection technology we developed can prevent the button power short circuit from spreading to other floors and therefore prevent an entire group of boards from failure. This effectively increases the service life of the boards.

LCD Service Tool

Besides usual functions, our service tool also provides the following functions and information:

1. Travelling distance of (mm)

2. Travelling time (0.1 second)

3. Travelling speed during at emergency stop

4. Travelling direction at emergency stop

Brake Failure Protection Function

Aging conventional elevators will crash when the motor brake or its control circuit fails. Our CH-256 Control System will detect such failures and activate the protective function immediately. This prevents accidents resulting from the loss of control of the elevator speed.
When the protection function kicks in, the elevator will travel at a slow and steady speed of approximately 0.2 m/s. To ensure maximum passenger safety, the elevator buffer will bring the elevator to a safe stop at the end of the lift travel.

Modernization Services

Are you still worried about the insecurity caused by the old elevator in your home or business? Are you concerned about elevators that often need replacement parts? We provide you with the best modernization solutions. No matter what the existing brand or model is, we can transform your old elevator to a new one, with a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride.

More information

Why Modernize?

Elevators serve the mobility needs of our daily lives and provide convenient and fast services to the public. However, are the elevators you are taking safe? Elevator accidents do not happen on a frequent basis. However, once an accident occurs, the results are often overwhelming. Just like a car that needs regular maintenance and replacement of parts, elevators need a regular inspection by specialists. Worn out parts need to be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the ride comfort and passenger safety. This wear and tear can result in the following safety and service deterioration:

  • Abnormal Vibration

    When you find that the elevator vibrates abnormally during starting, travelling, or stopping.

  • Lift not level

    When the elevator arrives at a floor, the elevator cabin is not level with the floor.

  • High Failure Rate

    Increased failure rate and faults keep repeating after repairs, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

  • High Power Consumption

    Caused by aging of parts and poor elevator dispatching arrangement.

  • Loud Lift Machine Noise

    The loud noise disturbs the surrounding ambient environment and causes safety concerns.

  • Ageing Equipment

    Aging of fixtures, both interior, and exterior, affect the aesthetics of the building.